Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Reusable Incontinence Draw Sheet for Mattress

 The Incontinence Draw Sheet Has Been A Great Seller For Us. Measuring 34” X 36” It Is Large Enough To Keep You Comfortable And Dry Throughout The Night While Absorbing Fluid. It Is Super Absorbent And Contains Tuck-Tails That Hold The Pad N Place. No More Shifting Like Other Pads. Contains 3 Layer Pad With Polyester Soaker And Waterproof Bottom.

No Moisture Will Pass Thru So You Stay Dry And Fluid Is Absorbed. Does Not Contain Materials Such As Latex That Can Irritate The Skin. Fits Full Size Beds With 20” Tails On Each Side.

If You Suffer From Incontinence Strongly Consider This Item. No Mess, Easy Cleanup And Washable. Made In America. Trust Kleinert’s Quality Since 1869.

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