Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Advanced Duralite Waterproof Pants For Men & Women Helps You Control Incontinence

Designed for both men and women, these pants are a wonderful alternative to old fashioned plastic pants and work great when used as a diaper cover, whether disposable or reusable. These can also be used with only incontinence pads. The Duralite is one of our best sellers and has served many for years.

These high quality pants are handmade in Elba, Alabama and the quality of this product will amaze you, as it will outlast any latex, rubber or plastic pants. If you have incontinence issues we strongly recommend giving this product a try. If you are allergic to plastic, rubber, vinyl or PVC rest assured our pants do not contain any of these materials.
For Over 140 years Kleinert's has been providing highest quality products for a variety of needs from sweat protection to incontinence. Trust in Kleinert's Since 1869.

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