Wednesday, June 1, 2016


We have improved all of our waterproof garments! Instead of vinyl traditionally used, we have now changed to urethane which is softer and more flexible and launders much better so no more cracking or peeling after repeated washings.This will make for a noiseless and longer lasting product.So enjoy our great products.

Here is a link to a few of these improved products:

Monday, May 23, 2016

When To Apply Antiperspirant At The Right Time


'Antiperspirants like Kleinert's Dry Body are most effective when applied to dry skin,' David Pariser, MD, founding member and secretary of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, told Woman’s Day. 'If you apply them in the morning right before you head out, or right after you get out of the shower, you'll likely already be sweating or have wet underarms. If the skin's surface is wet, the chemical reaction that forms from the aluminum [in the antiperspirant] will happen on the surface of the skin instead of in the pores, preventing the sweat glands from getting blocked.' Even if you're a morning shower taker, use Dry Body antiperspirant at night before bed. When applied to totally dry skin, the product can last for up to seven days. 

After your shower, apply a deodorant for fragrance and you'll be good to go. 

Here is a link to our Dry Body Antiperspirant Wipes:

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tax Day Got You Anxious?

Tax Day Got You Anxious?

Tax day is always an anxious and nervous day for the majority of Americans hurriedly trying to get their taxes finished and sent thru the mail.

Because of this it is natural that this would cause many to sweat due to stress. This is commonly known as Stress Sweat. This type of sweat is usually the strongest and smelliest of all sweat types.

Well if tax day has got you in this form, don’t sweat it we at Kleinert’s got your solution. From Clinical Strength Antiperspirants to Sweatproof Undershirts and more in between we have a product of one form or another that will help you eliminate and manage these sweaty and stressful situations.

Since 1869 Kleinert’s has been providing these solutions for not only the entire country but the world. Visit our website  to learn more and purchase sweat protection products.

Here’s hoping you get a refund this year!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Keep Your Self Clean And Irritation Free With WipeAid

When it comes to bathroom usage, nothing is more overlooked than post-defecation clean up. Often times too much toilet paper is used and that can be harsh on your anus. Another issue while using toilet paper is that it may not be able to clean up everything and you may have burning or itching sensations that will irritate the anus and the surrounding skin due to defecation still present.

We at Kleinert’s sell a product called WipeAid to help with this problem. Wipe Aide is great for potty training, adult incontinence, feminine hygiene, outdoorsman activities, and keeping the whole family cleaner after using the bathroom. Kids will be more confident and actually get excited about using the toilet.

Wipe Aide is an easy to use, economical, environmentally friendly and plumbing safe alternative to, so called, “flushable” wipes and wet wipes. Wipe Aide won’t clog toilets, it’s septic safe and you won’t have to worry about sewer backup.

Wipe Aide evenly dispenses simply by pushing down on the aerated, blotter head top and a small amount of solution comes out and transforms toilet paper into wipes!! This will clean up better without leaving any residue or defecation behind. No more irritation or anal itching. You will feel much better after using WipeAid.

The Wipe Aide dispenser is refillable/reusable so it’s a tremendous value that has so many great benefits. You can purchase WipeAid via our PC and mobile websites.

Save Money & Worries:

Refillable, good for over 1,000 wipes. Just pour in a bottle of water and a squirt of soap and you’re good to go! Only toilet paper is flushed, so no sewer backup problems. Remember to always use clean, unused toiler paper with WipeAid.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Using A Bidet - A Better Choice For Bathroom Needs

Bidets are widely used across most countries around the world, but they are not common in homes across the USA in spite of the advantages and benefits that a bidet offers over a toilet. Going to the bathroom is a subject that is considered taboo. At first you may find the idea of a bidet funny, anyone who has never used one does not realize just how great this bathroom appliance can be or what it offers.

The benefits of a bidet are numerous and using one can change your bathroom habits. Every American has a right to be clean and fresh after using the bathroom. Bidets provide better personal hygiene and cleaning.

After using the bathroom dry toilet paper still leaves you unclean, and some residue usually remains on your skin. A bidet provides water which removes any residue left on your skin, and you will feel incredibly clean and refreshed instead of feeling like you are still dirty in some way. 

Bidets are very common across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The USA is one of the few countries around the world that does not include bidets in many homes, and most Americans have never seen or used one. 

Bidets are an Environmentally Friendly Choice

A bidet can greatly reduce the toilet paper that is needed when you use the bathroom and this can be very beneficial to the environment. When packaging, transportation, and other additional factors for toilet paper are calculated in the cost of not using a bidet can be very high for the environment.

Using a bidet can be a great way to save you money also. You may still use a small amount of toilet paper to dry off when you are done cleaning after you use the bathroom but you will only use a fraction of the amount needed if you do not use a bidet. In addition to saving money on toilet paper purchases you will also reduce your household waste because there is less packaging to dispose of when you buy less toilet paper.

A Bidet Is Comfortable To Use And Provides Better Skin Care

Using dry toilet paper to clean up after you use the bathroom can be rough on your skin, and this is not the most comfortable thing to use. If you have any skin irritation or other problems then warm water can be soothing, and staying as clean as possible will make you more comfortable. If you have hemorrhoids, an anal fissure, anal prolapse, or other problems in this area then a bidet may be the best possible choice.

Anal itching is a common problem for many Americans, and this can be caused by residue left by toilet paper. A bidet can eliminate anal itching in many cases and help you feel better. If  you are physically limited or disabled in any way due to a disability or advanced age a bidet can help you prevent skin irritation and other problems.

Reduce Clogs And Plumbing Issues

A bidet can help you reduce plumbing problems in your home, and will help to prevent clogs in sewer pipes. A small amount of toilet paper is used, usually around 75% less and with an air dry feature this can be reduced to 0, and that means there is less clogs. Calling a professional plumber can be costly, and plumbing problems can be a big hassle. Use a bidet and these issues can be reduced or even eliminated completely.

Portable Bidets For When Traditional Bidets Are Not Available

We have presented here information regarding the usefulness and cleanliness of Bidets in your home but what about when you travel and there is no bidet in sight? Well we have the solution via a portable bidet system we sell to the public.

Our personal portable bidet washmate allows for better hygiene anywhere! It is small and portable for go anywhere convenience. Since it is a small size it is also discreet. Simply toss in your bag for travel. Enjoy a fresher way to eliminate germs after toilet use. This portable bidet has a 9″ curved spout that reaches where you can’t so you can maintain healthy cleansing habits and your dignity. Ideal for hemorrhoid sufferers. The soft, plastic 10 oz. bottle holds 1 cup of water.

The personal portable bidet is great for trips, boats, camping and more. You won’t have to sacrifice personal hygiene even when on-the-go. Great for indoor use as well; you’ll never have to worry about rough, irritable toilet paper thanks to the gentle water flow from this handheld bidet. Great alternative to costly & bulky electronic portable bidets. Try one today and see and feel the difference this portable product can do for you.

Dimensions: 14.5” H x 2.7” W x 2.7” D, 0.26 lb

Visit us at to see this product and more for hygiene and incontinence needs.

Urinary Incontinence - What Is It And Products To Manage It

Urinary incontinence is involuntary leakage of urine. It is the inability to hold urine in the bladder because voluntary control over the urinary sphincter is either lost or weakened.

This is a much more common problem than most people realize. The US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that approximately 13 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is more common among women than men. 10% to 30% of American women/girls aged 15-64 years are thought to suffer from it, compared to between 1.5% and 5% of men. Over half of all nursing home residents are thought to be affected by urinary incontinence.

Since this issue is so common Kleinert’s produces products to help in the management of Urinary incontinence. We have specialty waterproof/stainproof fabrapel treated underwear for both men and women with absorbent crotch panel. These panels can absorb 10oz of fluid for men and 6oz of fluid for women.

The discreet, integrated panel is made of 6 layers and fully protects like no other product with complete noiseless, heatless comfort. The top layer is a polyester mesh which allows fluid to enter easily and dry out quickly plus it has a waterproof layer of soft Duralite to prevent wet-thru.

The panel extends from the top of the frontal waistband all the way to the top of the waistband at the back. It is constructed with a patented 100% water-resistant cotton Fabrapel® body which keeps you cool and repels fluid so you will stay drier.

Fabrapel dries out very quickly so no fluid can touch your skin and you stay dry and comfortable. No heat or noise can be generated like vinyl or plastic pants. Constructed with only latex free elastics. Both men and women love the product and we sell to multiple hospitals of the US Military V.A. System. 

Another great addition to our product like is the Duralite waterproof incontinence brief which is usable over any disposable brief or protective underwear. Designed for all-day and over-night comfort. Allergy free soft latex and a great alternative to plastic pants.

Designed for both men and women, these pants work great when used as a diaper cover, whether disposable or reusable. However, these can also be used with only incontinence pads. Duralite Nylon fabric is a soft, light-weight, waterproof and stain-proof material that lasts hundreds of washings and will not harden as plastic or crack after machine washings as vinyl or plastic sometimes does.

Kleinert’s commissions their own fabric with a distinctive, chemical free process, making their Duralite pants environmentally friendly. Perfect for those with allergies or sensitive skin these pants provide excellent resistance to mildew, mold, fungus, and bacteria as well as the perfect solution for those who are allergic to plastic, rubber, vinyl or PVC.

Please check out our entire line of incontinence underwear, pants and more at our website

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Now you can finally stop the problems associated with foot sweat and odor. We know that many problems are caused by uncontrolled foot sweat and odor.Our great item Dry Feet is podiatrist recommended nationwide. Even some of the most renown authorities recommend Dry Feet to their patients so why not check it out and get relief for up to a week.It is also waterproof through showering.

Here is an eNowasy link to Dry Feet Wipes:

Monday, February 29, 2016


To show how great our underwear products please note that even the VA system buys them and recommends them to thir urology patients for everyday use. Specifically our water-resistant styles with their absorbent waterproof built in panels which prevent accidents ie styles M002 and style WIP52 for women.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Consumers love our mens boxer briefs saying that there is nothing like them anywhere! These are indeed outstanding due to the fact that they are made with a patented water-resistant, stain-resistant and odor-resistant fabric and they look like normal underwear yet have complete water-proof protection.So if you need a boxer, this is the right one for you.

Friday, February 12, 2016


Only Kleinert's manufactures its proprietary Fabrapel water-resistant, stain-resistant and odor-resistant barrier for many of its products.This washable and noiseless barrier is highly unique as it offer a discreet and heatless barrier to ensure your protection and comfort without the heat packed and noisy vinyl barriers like many other companies.

We also provide urethane barriers where complete protection is needed.This material is also heatless and noiseless yet completely waterproof and machine washable over 200 times.

Thursday, February 11, 2016



Kleinert’s produces the largest selection of underarm pads, sweat-proof undershirts, clinical antiperspirant wipes, incontinence underwear in the world!

We are a manufacturer located in the small town of Elba, Alabama where we employ American workers. All of our products are made in America and we support local jobs in America

We produce many proprietary products at the best prices available anywhere.

No other company produces the full line of disposable and reusable underarm pads like Kleinert’s does.

We try to make everyone satisfied through our myriad of products which save the consumers money from dry cleaning but also enhances their lifestyle and extends the useful life of their clothing.

During these trying times it is important to support American jobs. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016



Night Sweating

Many people suffer from night sweating as a result of disorders like hyperhidrosis and many women experience uncomfortable nightly hot flashes that are associated with menopause.
If you're dealing with hot flashes or night sweating, we've got a great set of solutions for you at Kleinert's. We offer sleepwear as well as bedding solutions to keep you dry all night long.

Night sweating can be highly uncomfortable as well as unpleasant as far as odor is concerned. What's more, often night sweats can affect your whole upper body. They can cause profuse sweating on the scalp, from the back, on the chest, and in the armpits. 

To combat night sweats, we offer our Performance V-Neck Niteshirt. This is specially designed to trap moisture and pull it away from the skin, allowing your body to stay cool, yet dry.

We also produce bedding protectors for people suffering from night sweats. These waterproof and stainproof cotton bed pads offer four-ply protection that is unmatched on the market. We've even patented this product to ensure our competitors cannot copy it.

Comfortable and machine washable, our bedding protectors are ideal for any size bed. We offer them in sizes 24" x 36", 36" x 36", and 48" x 48" for your convenience. They feature Fabrapel cotton inlay and a soft polyester cover that moves moisture away from your body to allow it to evaporate for a dry night's sleep every night.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Our sweatproof underwear is intended to look like normal functioning underwear and thus making the wearer more self assured and confident. 

Our underwear is so well made that even the VA System (Veterans Administration) supplies our men’s and women’s underwear products to the veterans needing protective underwear.

All of our underwear products contain latex free elastics so each product is hypoallergenic for those sensitive consumers.

We offer men’s and womens briefs as well as boxers to meet the styling demands of our customers. We also offer many brief and panty styles for our women customers including high-cut and brief styles and lace/cotton garments as well as 100% cotton garments.

Here is a link to read more about our advanced sweatproof underwear: for women and for men.