Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Go Away!

Our heartfelt best wishes go out to all those who have suffered the difficulties and hardship caused by hurricane Sandy. We have received many phone calls and internet contacts asking about the storm and its effects on our plant and people in Alabama and Florida. As we have relatives and customers in the northeast we are constantly concerned about the effects caused by such a wide-spread storm. Rest assured that our plant and offices in Florida are fine and we appreciate your support through this difficult time.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Absorbent Disposable Underarm Pads Exclusively For Women

Only Kleinert's makes an absorbent, contoured pads exclusively shaped for women. Our pads have all the absorbency from our Ultra fabric but are discreet and undetectable. So on thosespecial days like weddings, special occasions, graduations etc now you have an option to protect from unsightly wet marks and odors. Here is a link to our exclusively for womens disposable pads: http://www.kleinerts.com/Disposable-Underarm-Sweat-Pads.php#contoured

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Depend Not For Everyone

We often receive calls from consumers expressing that they do not like the fact that Depend are either ineffective or that they just don't feel like regular underwear. So, they choose our washable underwear products instead. In fact our mens washable underwear even has a functional fron fly enabling men to go to the toilet as they usually do instead of having to drop down a disposable like a diaper. This maintains the consumer's dignity and makes them feel normal instead of infirm.
Here is a link to our mens and also our womens reusanle, washable underwear items;


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Improved Fabrapel- Fluid-Repellant, Stain-Repellant and Odor-Repellant Fabric

Kleinert's is proud to announce that it has not only improved its patented Fabrapel fabric but that it is now also enviornmentally friendly. Effective now, all Fabrapel fabric will now be machine dryable as well as machine washable.It will also function at an even higher level for rmore protection.No longer must you air dry only.Now you can simply add to your daily wash.Our new Fabrapel will still have a soft yet undetectable feel but even more product performance.
Here are links to our mens and womens waterproof underwear which are made with Fabrapel;

Monday, September 3, 2012

Waterproof Underwear is Kleinert's Invention

Kleinert's has been in business since 1869. During this period one of our many inventions was the Baby Pant. In fact, before there were disposable baby diapers there were only Kleinert's waterproof pants used with reusable cloth diapers. Even today we still produce waterproof pants but now they are for adults suffering from incontinence problems. These outstanding Duralite nylon waterproof pants are exceptional in many ways. Not only are they specially sized to properly fit over disposable diapers but they also feature a soft, comfortable and quiet nylon that will not cause skin breakdown or decubitus due to the uric acid from urination.These pants can also be bleached and washed in a washing machine. Here is a link to our famous Duralite waterproof pants; http://www.hygienics.com/duralite-waterproof-briefs-d1000.html

Friday, August 31, 2012

Solution For Stress Incontinence

Kleinert's has advanced product Solution For Stress Incontinence. Our patented waterproof underwear styles WIP52 and M002 each have 6 ply absorbent sewn-in panels which assure that no fluid will pass through.Additionally, the shells of each garment have a water-resistant treatment which will also not get wet.No other company can offer such protection, comfort and discreet humanness.So, if you suffer from small amounts of urine discharge, Kleinert's has the right products for you. Here is a link to the mens and also the womens sweatproof underwear products; http://www.hygienics.com/safedry-waterproof-incontinence-underwear.html


Friday, August 17, 2012

Kleinert's Boxer Briefs Can Help With Trunk Sweating

Kleinert's mens boxer briefs are excellent in preventing those embarrassing sweat stains around the crotch and groin areas. The entire garment is fluid-resistant 100% cotton Fabrapel except for the absorbent crotch area.= with its 6 ply enlarged panel. There is noting better than these to protect from wet-thru, staining and odors so relax.Here is a link to our patented boxer brief: http://www.hygienics.com/incontinence-waterproof-boxer-briefs-bu100.html

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best Care For All Kleinert's Products is Soapberry Soap

Soapberry non-detergent soap is recommended for all Kleinert's products made from our patented fabrapel fabric. Soapberry is a non astringent non harmful natural soap made from berries so it will not act like bleaches or other detergents like Tide on the market shelves. Soapberry will not diminish the special Fabrapel water-resistant, stain-resistant and odor-resistant treatment after many washings and Soapberry can also be used as a soap for all of your family's wash and get great results. Here is a link to Soapberry on our site http://www.hygienics.com/soapberry-non-detergent-soap.html

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Professional Baseball UmpiresWear Waterproof Underwear

Yes even baseball's professional umpires wear Kleinert's waterproof cotton underwear and undershirts to absorb sweating and fluids. These products can assure more comfort for these pros during hot ball games to absorb excessive sweat due to hyperhidrosis. Here is a link to an article about excessive sweating control http://www.medicinenet.com/hyperhidrosis/article.htm

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Home Healthcare Catalog Offering Great Values

Kleinert's is proud to offer its outstanding new home healthcare catalog of products. Many of these items are hard to find products offered at great prices. Please take a few minutes after bookmarking our site and look through these items for yourself or a loved one. Here is a ling to the aides for daily living section  http://www.hygienics.com/aids-to-daily-living.php

Thursday, July 12, 2012

VA System Uses Kleinert's Womens Protective Panty

The US Veterans Administration (VA  System) Uses Kleinert's Womens Protective Panty.The returning women veterans have access to the Kleinerts protective panty with integrated absorbent panel which holds up to six ounces of fluid style #WIP52. These are great for minor to moderate incontinence leakage problems. Here is a link to this product http://www.hygienics.com/safe-dry-waterproof-cotton-incontinence-underwear-aip52.html

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Safe & Dry Absorbent, Disposable Polymer Gel Pads!

Safe & Dry absorbent, disposable gel pads absorb 30 times its weight in fluid such that each pad absorbs 11 ounces.These are ideal for you regular underwear or with our Safe & Dry underwear.Simply remove the peel and stick tape and insert.You will then have truly comfortable and effective protection for everyday. Here is a link to these pads:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Proud Supplier To The United States VA System

Kleinert's makes very high quality products.So much so that we were selected by the Defense Department to supply the VA system with our patented mens and womens waterproof reusable underwear styles M002 and WIP52 for our soldiers with urinary difficulties. here is a link to the mens product http://www.hygienics.com/safedry-waterproof-incontinence-underwear.html